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Benefits of Getting Research Paper Help Online

The benefits of online research paper writing help are manifold:

  • Better grades

Learning from examples works better for many students, thus improving their understanding of the curriculum and contributing to academic achievements.

  • Better sleep

Knowing you have someone to turn to if you struggle lessens stress and anxiety, which are the leading causes of insomnia. Also, say bye-bye to all-nighters.

  • Better mood

Less stress and higher achievements contribute to overall well-being, better self-esteem, and improved disposition towards life.

  • Better life

Being a happier, higher achieving student, who doesn’t stress out about deadlines or a possible loss of scholarships, sets you up for a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

Always Excellent Paper Writing Help from Paper Help Experts!

When you need help writing a research paper, customizability matters. Topic, approach, formatting, style – everything must be just so. We personalize every little detail and ensure your sample fits your vision perfectly. With Paper Help, you can choose a category of an expert who will write your paper.

Basic. These writers are newly registered with our service. They have passed rigorous testing procedures and verified their credentials but haven’t had the chance to show their skills in action. We assign them by default at no fee. If you need quality paper writing help at a bargain price, go for a Basic category.

Advanced. These writers have proven their skills with many successfully completed orders and excellent ratings from our customers. You can request one of the Advanced writers at an additional fee. If you need high-quality research paper help for college, you cannot go wrong with the Advanced category.

TOP. Writers from this category ace even the most challenging assignments. They take the top 10 places in their respective subject areas and have stellar ratings from our customers. You can secure a TOP expert for your order for an additional fee. If you need help with paper that is a bit more unconventional and difficult, TOP should be your choice.

When You Might Need Help with Research Paper

Everyone needs help once in a while, yet we are not very good at admitting it. You might want to seek online research papers help when you are:

  • A new college student struggling with the demands of academic rigor

Have you finished high school and gone through the admission process purgatory, thinking it will be over soon just to find out that college is way tougher than grade school? Struggling with adapting to independent learning and planning your study load? Sample papers provide guidance and speed up your writing when you are about to fail yet another deadline.

  • ESL learner grappling with English academese

You’ve passed the language certification tests, but now you can hardly follow your instructor during the classes, while your course book seems to be written to be deliberately obscure? Academic jargon can be a problem even for native speakers. Samples written in friendly, simple English can help you catch up and flatten the learning curve.

  • A busy student who works to fund your tuition

Fewer and fewer young people can afford to be traditional students spending afternoons in the library and chilling with a book on the campus green. If you work part- or full-time to supplement your tuition and pay your bills, you might find your study load unsurmountable. Outsource some of the time-consuming routines to professional writers and concentrate on things that matter.

  • An overwhelmed student with family obligations

Parenting a child or caring for a family member with a disability? Those without obligations outside the classroom will never understand that you must work twice as hard just to keep up. You don’t have to do this alone! Let us be a part of your support network and take at least some weight off your shoulders.

  • Stressed out and just in need of a break

Haven’t had a proper sleep since last summer? Anxiety sucks the joy out of your life? Panic overwhelms you at the sight of a blank page? Stress caused by entering college can trigger mental health issues. 73 percent of students report having a mental health crisis while in college. Invest in peace of mind and unload some of the most stress-inducing tasks onto us.

  • Have GPA hanging by a thread and scholarship on the line

“No time to explain. This paper needs to be done by tomorrow, or else everything is lost!” We know you are not being overdramatic – we understand! Sometimes you forget about important assignments. If you don’t want one lousy grade to screw up your prospects, help is near!

Turn to PaperHelp at Any Stage of Working on Research Papers Help

We can assist you whenever you feel the challenge is a bit too much! Turn to PaperHelp if you need:

  • Rid your research paper help free of mistakes, typos, and formatting inconsistencies. Send your draft for final proofreading to make sure the paper you submit is shiningly perfect.
  • Make sure that your ideas appear at their best. Submit your paper for editing, and we will ensure it meets the assignment details and is eloquent and elegantly constructed.
  • Flesh out your rough draft or outline. Do you have some materials you want us to develop? Maybe notes and ideas that you don’t have time to finish? We can take it from there and return a full-fledged sample.
  • A sample paper on a particular topic. Order research papers writing help detailing how your sample should look like and get a draft written according to best academic writing practices.
  • Online research paper help. Not enough time for preliminary research? Have trouble locating authoritative sources? Need some inspiration to come up with topics? Our experts can do the pre-writing for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Help with Paper Assignments

Is PaperHelp legit?

Yes. We are a US-based company operating under federal laws and regulations and rendering custom writing services. However, getting college research paper help from a professional writer might break your school’s code of honor. Make sure you abide by the rules of your institution when using our service.

Does getting paper from you count as cheating?

Various schools have different definitions of “unauthorized assistance.” As a rule, getting a sample paper to inform your writing or ordering proofreading for your draft isn’t considered unlawful. However, submitting samples you get under your own name for grading constitutes academic dishonesty.

How can I get a PaperHelp discount code?

As a new customer, you are entitled to a welcome discount for your first order. Find it on a banner at the top of this page, or contact our customer support with an inquiry. As a registered customer, you benefit from personalized offers sent regularly to the email address you use as a login.

Why doesn’t the Paper Help promo code work?

If you’ve found the code on one of the coupon websites, there is a possibility it has already expired. Please use only the codes you’ve obtained from our support agents, found on this website, or got in an email with a personalized offer. In case the code you are entitled to doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to contact our support team, and they will sort it out for you.

Where can I find Paper Help reviews?

You can find reviews from customers with confirmed purchases on the review page of this website. We also have a section with relevant reviews on thematic pages dedicated to particular types of works or services (e.g., editing, proofreading, research paper writing, argumentative essays, etc.)

How can I submit my Paper Help review?

We encourage our customers to share their honest opinions wherever it is more convenient: on reviewing platforms, social media, or private messages. However, if you want your review to be featured on this website, please send it to our email or contact our customer support via online chat.

What if the paper I got needs changing?

If you are not entirely happy with your paper, you can send it back for a revision within 7 days (14 days in some cases) from the initial approval. You have three free revisions with every order. However, make sure that your revision instructions don’t contradict the assignment details you supplied when placing the initial order.

Can you write a research paper for me for free?

No, we don’t work pro bono. We are a business providing employment for expert writers and must ensure they are duly rewarded for their excellent work. To reduce the price tag, please try extending the deadline or using Loyalty Credits from your balance towards the payment.

How fast can you write me a paper?

This depends on the length, subject, and availability of experts. The guaranteed minimum deadline for a one-page assignment is 3 hours, plus an hour for each additional page if the paper is longer. When you fill out the order form, you are also given an approximate estimation for your paper, so you cannot set a deadline shorter than the one we guarantee.

Can I speak to my writer?

You can communicate with your assigned writer via secure online chat within your Control Panel. The chat becomes available as soon as the writer is assigned to work on your order. To access it, click Messages-> Orders-> Active, select your current order, and click “Writer” at the top of the chat window.

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It took me a moment to get a sense of the dashboard, but overall – this service is as intuitive and user-friendly as it gets. Kudos to your developers.

Chris P.

Love, love, love this service. I wish I could ask it out for coffee, haha. Best prices, accurate timing, and papers that are actually worth the money I’ve invested.


I’ve been ordering for different classes, and the papers are always fire! Recommend this service to everyone who wants a cheaper alternative to private tutoring.


Probably the best price-to-quality ratio out there – and I’ve shopped around for some time. Not only dope papers but care for customers even post-purchase.


The writers here are fantastic! You can talk to them and ask them to include particular things, too. Mine were always super helpful. I’ve learned so much!


It took me a while to find PaperHelp, and there never was a single time I thought about cheating on it. You can’t improve what’s perfect. Unless… Maybe more coupons. That’d be lovely.


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